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QpoT's core business is process optimization resulting in an increase in output, energy savings and energy efficiency.

The wide spread know how in the process industry will be used to bring solutions to these markets based on the latest developments.

The essence of the solution is reducing the spread in process disturbances.

Engineering and implementation of smart controllers will bring a sustainable solution to the customer as a part of the companies energy awareness program. We use the latest retrofit solutions using smart sensors, data mining, wireless sensors and energy monitoring. Thanks to our submetering, clients of our energy saving program will be able to monitor the performance of their process.

The total range of smart metering, the newest techniques on data analysis are brought by QpoT. QpoT takes responsibility for the total project management including the implementation and control of the solution.

The solutions are developed mostly on tailor made basis but are sometimes the combination of existing smart solutions.

Bringing today's solutions and not only the consultancy is the basis of QpoT's company profile.

Contact details

NameQpoT B.V.
AddressLaan Corpus Den Hoorn 300
9728 JT, Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone(+31) 50 5248372 / 050 5248372